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Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series in conjunction with member associations consisting of, SDBA (Southern Drag Boat Association), ADBA (Arizona Drag Boat Association), CDBA (Columbia Drag Boat Association), and KDBA (Kentucky Drag Boat Association) all running under a single rule book unite race teams across the country. With events ranging from California to Missouri, Oregon to Texas the liquid quarter mile has never been this exciting as it is now. 

Imagine feeling the ground rumble when lakeside as the Top Fuel Hydro roar down the track with Estimated Time’s of 3.396 and 255 plus MPH all this in 1000’.   In addition to the professional show, which consists of Top Fuel Hydro, Top Alcohol Hydro, Top Alcohol Flat and Pro Modified, we highlight four Sportsman classes ranging from 8.00 to 11.00 second and three Bracket (dial-in) classes in the quarter mile.

All of this action can be seen in our one hour shows on MAVTV, NBC Sports and CBS Sports Spectacular.

Smokin’ On The Water.

There is only one word for it… insanity! How else can you describe a form of racing in which nitro methane Top Fuel machines vaporize the liquid ¼ mile in just 4.7 seconds at over 250 mph? For racing fans around the country, nothing satisfies their urge for speed and raw horsepower like the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series. This now united sport allows more than 900 teams to run for one national championship, each national event spotlights several pro classes highlighted by the Top Fuel Hydro class. It’s all about 8,000 horsepower nestled in sleek composite vessels — a form of motorsport that’s as visceral as it is captivating.




Upcoming Events



Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series 2018

@ Dexter, OR



Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series 2018

@ Evansville, IL

Television Schedule

Sunday, July 29

3:00 PM

– Wheatland, MO

Saturday, August 4

2:30 PM

– Wheatland, MO

Sunday, August 5

3:00 PM

– Wheatland, MO


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