Pro Class



These boats are an excitement to watch. Two types of hulls are currently being utilized, watercraft and outrigger style. Engines are limited to 500 cubic inches. Top Fuel Hydro may utilize only nitro-methane (65% minimum) and alcohol (pure methanol). Top Fuel Hydros thunder down the liquid track at speeds in excess of 250 mph and elapsed time of 3.396 seconds, all this in 875 feet. A conventional and out rigger type of boat hull designed with a tunnel between the front sponsons for these purpose of trapping air and lifting the bottom of the hull to ride all or in part above the surface of the surface of the water. A W- drive propels these crafts down the track with twin props that rotate counter to each other at 20,000 rpm's.



Traveling at speeds of 200 plus MPH and impressive elapsed times of 4.322 in 1000 ft, the driver must be on his game each time. Top Alcohol Hydro may use alcohol (pure methanol), nitro-methane may be used with an unblown alcohol hydro. Blown or supercharged engines, as well as un-blown fuel engines may not exceed 565 cubic inches. These machines utilize both V-drives and w-drives and the out rigger style hull made its deput in 2011.


These are the funny cars of the drag boat world. They too run the 1000 foot liquid course and set records that exceed 160 MH and lock down 5.2 elapsed times. These hulls  are different from the hydro style, this bottom of which is relatively flat with a minimum length of sixteen feet, with no horizontal breaks. hence "Flatbottom" or "Flatty. Top Alcohol Fuel utilizes the same engine dynamics as the top alcohol hydro except screw blowers are not allowed. You will love watching these water machines race down the track.



Otherwise known as, "Pro Mod". This has got to be one of the most competitive classes in the drag boat series. Running a quicker elapsed time in this class is not what a driver wants to do, 7.000-7.999 seconds, with emphasis on 7.000 is the goal. This watercraft runs with the same engine specs as, Top Alcohol Hydro and Top Alcohol Fuel only without a limited on cubic inches, nitrous oxide is not allowed in professional classes with exception of Pro Modified. A hydro style hull and v-drive make this a crowd favorite on the liquid quarter mile.



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