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The biggest and fastest boats on the water lived up to the hype Sunday at the inaugural Charlotte Harbor Super Boat Grand Prix. Nigel Hook, Captain of the #77 Lucas Oil SilverHook said "Of course we love to win, but we wouldn't be racing without Lucas Oil and, so to dominate the media, especially against the GEICO juggernaut, was a monumental indicator for the launching our 2014 season. Plus we did it in style, with Parliament Motor Coach!"

The first annual Charlotte Harbor Grand Prix was a huge success with 31 boats registered, more than doubling the expected boat count. Over five thousand fans attended the Punta Gorda boat parade and street party Friday evening, and over the weekend, thousands more visited Englewood Beach to walk through the dry pits and view the Super Boats up close and personal.

On Sunday, the #77 Lucas Oil SilverHook, was in the second race of the day, featuring eighteen of the baddest superboats on the circuit. When the green flag was flown, over 200,000 horsepower roared across the Gulf of Mexico thrilling the estimated ten thousand fans lining the beach and rocking the fleet of one thousand spectator boats lining the 4.3-mile course.


Sandwiched between #113 Miss GEICO and #3 CMS, with the Norwegian entry, #8 Gasse on the outside of the track, pilots Hook and Silfverberg in the #77 Lucas Oil SilverHook battled for position in the Superboat Unlimited class sharing the battlefield with three classes; the Supercats, the Stock Cats and an Extreme V. The race was broadcast live on WENG AM 1530, FM 107.5 and via LiveStream and if you missed any of the coverage, click to rewatch.

The winner of the Superboat Unlimited class was #8 Gasse, driven by Tor Staubo of Norway, who is a fellow Scandinavian of our Swedish driver, Michael Silfverberg. "The water was flat and perfect for catamarans. Tor told me he was hitting 189mph down the back stretch!" said Silfverberg.

The #77 Lucas Oil SilverHook ran strong until the checkered flag, which is a testimony to the 2008 Mercury 1075hp engines running on pump gas. "These engines have proven to be super reliable, in fact we are still running on the original heads and blocks," said Silfverberg and beside him throttleman, Nigel Hook added “a drop or two of Lucas Oil Stabilizer must take some of the credit!"