To all race teams competing at LODBRS National, Division and, Member events:

All teams are required to have an oil spill protection cover that covers all work areas, along with an “oil sorb” compound. The teams are responsible for leaving their pit area oil spill free. Garbage bags and filters do not belong in the waste oil containers! The local EPA has jurisdiction on this, and any fines levied by them are the responsibility of the offending team owner. In addition any team that is fined, will be suspended from competition, until fine is paid, and cleanup is cleared by the EPA.

All boats except PWC and River Racer are required to have a Dye-Penetrate test kit. (Available at welding supply stores)

At all LODBRS National events, an additional Safety Inspection (MT Super Inspection) will be randomly accomplished. If notified your boat has been selected, in addition to the items listed on the LODBRS Safety Inspection Sheet, the following must be accomplished before the inspection:

ALL Boats:  All covers shall be removed so steering components can be inspected. (This is required at all        events)

Open Boats:

  • Jet Boats:  Loaders will be removed, dye checked, leaving the white developer on for inspection. (For your safety, this should be done between each round at every race).
  • Inboard Propeller Boats: Propeller and Propeller Shaft(s) along with the couplers will be removed and dye checked. (Prop Shafts from the rear and forward ends 6” past the keyway).  The strut(s) will be dye checked at the top and bottom welds. (This can be done leaving the strut attached to the hull). The white developer will be left on for inspection. (For your safety, this should be done between each round at every race).
  • Outboards: Prop will be dye checked, leaving the white developer on for inspection. The Propeller may be left on the Lower Unit. (For your safety, this should be done between each round at every race)

Capsule Boats: In addition to the above, the seat shall be removed so seat belt mounting and installation along with cage tubing can be inspected.

Additional items to be inspected may be required.


Kill Switch Lanyard

Kill Switch Lanyards are designed to activate the Kill Switch when the driver's posterior is more than 18" out of the seat. Check your lanyard length, be aware of, "Coil Type", lanyards, as they sometimes stretch and exceed the 18" distance required by rule.


Jet Boats

Pump Loaders need to be inspected on a regular basis. Ensure that Pop-Off valves operate as designed.

At the recent NJBA race in Bakersfield, a pump loader failed, forcing the stern of the boat out of the water, rendering the ratchet and relief valve useless. The boat was destroyed, the driver is ok, and safety equipment worked.

Investigation showed that the loader was constructed from mild steel and mig welded. Also the design had been altered and ground on. Note that a weld did not fail. The loader cracked on the right side on angle going from the 'grate' up to the mount.

PLEASE:  pull your loaders out and inspect them for cracks etc. The hi-frequency vibrations that occur, can lead to failure. A dye penetrate test kit would be the way to go on this. This is a voluntary inspection and is the responsibility of the owner/driver.

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Steering Boxes

Check universal coupling for cracks, and the side mounts for security.

It has been brought to the  attention of LODBRS Safety/Tech that there has been a failure of the universal slip joint between the steering shaft and box. The failure was a crack on the slip hub part of the  universal, the crack opening up, under power (prop blast hitting rudder) and causing the splines to start "skipping" between the coupler and box. Fortunately the driver and boat were ok, but with the rudder moving around without driver input, caused 'some' concern.

It is desirable that you inspect your couplers, and dye check them.

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Pump Loaders

Another jet boat totaled and Driver injured. This is preventable

  1. a. Go to a welding supply and purchase a dye penetrate kit. They are easy to use, take little time, and will help you inspect your loader for cracks. Prop guys have been doing this for years. Do this between rounds 

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Drain Plug Failure

When is the last time you did maintenance on your drain plugs?

  1. Take plugs apart and clean and lube the screw parts – replace plug if corroded, stripped, or worn.
  2. Inspect the rubber and if cracked or worn, replace plug
  3. Remember that in most sponsons, the plug only goes thru a ¼" of material
  4. Instruct crew members to hold onto outside edge of plug, while installing/tightening
  5. Start using a check list at the in ramp


Driver's Newsletter

Licensed Classes

Driver's Check Your Expiration Dates

If your last physical is dated prior to today's date in 2016 your license will be expired. A Current physical is required to renew your license and must be on file with ALL Associations you race with as well

Safety Sheets

Boats that do not conform to the Professional Classes listed in rule 3.1.1, will be assigned a class by the Race Director, based on performance.