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We regret to announce the cancellation of the Marble Falls Lakefest event.

The Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series and the Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce have been involved in discussions regarding this National Series event; however neither party were able to reach a mutually-acceptable agreement.

We are considering many venue options for a replacement event, and expect the location and dates to be announced shortly.

2018 Race Schedule & Rule Changes Officially Released

2018 Purse & Payout Announcement

The Lucas Oil Dragboat Racing Series announced today a total revision of the purse and payout structure, as well as event registration modifications.

In order to continue to promote the series at the highest level, it has become necessary to eliminate costly and non-funded incentive programs, such as “Winner’s Circle” and “Tow Pro” monies that were offered to specific classes under certain circumstances. Those who have pre-paid for the Diamond Club will receive a full refund. Payout will consist solely of the announced purse, which has been increased substantially! We are excited to announce that racers will be competing for a share of $100,000 per event! The payout for all classes is listed here.

Event registration incentives have also changed for 2018. Fees will not increase; however, the program has been modified to be more consistent with other racing series’ and organizations.

Pro Classes will receive, with their paid entry, a total of 6 (six) crew bands, one car pass, and one golf cart pass. Pro Class entries may purchase, at a discounted rate, up to 10 (ten) additional crew bands, plus one additional car pass and one additional cart pass.

Sportsman Classes will receive, with their paid entry, a total of 4 (four) crew bands, one car pass, and one golf cart pass. Pro Class entries may purchase, at a discounted rate, up to 6 (six) additional crew bands, plus one additional car pass and one additional cart pass.

Please direct questions to Paul Hosler at, or by calling (800) 342-2512.

ATTENTION RACERS: 2018 Racing Season

Ken and Patti Dollar, who have served as Director and Administrator of the Drag Boat Racing Series for the past 8 years; have announced their retirements, effective immediately. We thank them for their dedication, hard work and loyalty in building and maintaining a great program.

Paul Hosler, the Lucas Oil Products Safety & Regulatory Compliance Director and former National Drag Boat Rescue Director, has been appointed to administer the series. Racers are encouraged to call Paul Hosler or Bob Patison for answers to series-related questions or issues. Both can be reached at the Corporate Office at 800-342-2512.

Please be assured that Forrest Lucas and all of us here at Lucas Oil Products, Inc. are fully-committed to the Drag Boat Racing Series and its continued success. We are working non-stop with our partners at the National Jet Boat Association (NJBA) on 2018’s first National Series event in Bakersfield this coming April. This promises to be one of, if not the, largest drag boat races in decades. We hope to see you there!

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